Fireworks Explosion Sends 16 to Hospital

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
South Los Angeles-

A significant explosion occurred during the disposal of illegal fireworks, sending 16 to the hospital.

At 6:04PM, the Los Angeles City Fire Department responded to the 700 block of E 27th Street in South Los Angeles to provide stand-by for a Los Angeles Police Department operation.

The LAPD confiscated approximately 5,000 lbs of illegal fireworks from a residence.  After removing the fireworks to a safe location, a batch of 'improvised explosives' were located. The LAPD Bomb Squad placed about 10 lbs of explosives in their specialized vehicle for detonation. At approximately 7:37PM, a significant explosion occurred which destroyed the vehicle, damaged adjacent vehicles and structures and injured those nearby. 

Firefighters immediately initiated a triage operation and ultimately 16 patients were transported to the hospital and one additional patient declined transport. The patient breakdown by age, gender and condition was as follows: Civilian patients: 60M, 85F, 51F with moderate injuries; 81F, 69F, 72M with minor injuries; LAPD Officers: 47M, 46M, 45M 45M, 46F, 43M, 58M 50M 55M all with minor injuries; ATF Agent 42M with minor injuries.

The LAPD secured the area as a crime scene and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) responded to assist. This remains an open and ongoing investigation.

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